Marketing Tips to Keep Your Key Customers

October 22, 2008 at 6:35 am Leave a comment

 It is well known that it is far less expensive to retain your key customers than continually chase new ones. Whilst it takes time to build loyalty and trust here are some simple tips that you could build into your small business marketing kit and start implementing today.

Be Proactive
If you have a good understanding of your customers’ problems and needs then see what you can do to assist them or their business. For example if you hear about a seminar or podcast that is relevant, invite them to attend perhaps as your guest where you get the chance to know them better.

Keep Track of all Customer Enquiries
If you use a database, it is really helpful to make a note of every conversation and communication with your customers. Over time you will be able to see if there is a pattern which you can use to offer additional service, support or products at the right time.

Provide a referral
If your customer has products or services that will appeal to other customers, business partners, friends or family, then consider referring their business. You might also consider highlighting their business on your website with a link to their website.

Become a customer
Why not try your customer’s products or services if they are appropriate and you could also consider providing a recommendation or testimonial.

Surprise Them
When they purchase your product or service the next time why not send them a Thank You card with a simple message of appreciation. A simple word of thanks that is handwritten can go a long way especially these days when a lot of communication is by email etc.

There is not doubt many other marketing tips so why don’t you share your marketing tips on how you keep your key customers.

Post by Susan Oakes

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