Are you a Great Customer?

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I asked this question of a few friends who own a small business and the answers they gave were “usually” or “sometimes” under certain circumstances. For example if they were under pressure from their own customers to complete a project, they sometimes became  a more impatient or demanding customer themselves.

After further discussion we agreed that each of us sometimes forget to be a great customer of other small businesses.

When we are a great customer of another small business, we will often find they:

  • Go the extra mile to help when we most need the assistance
  • Proactively provide referrals to our business
  • Provide recommendations for our business
  • Are open to joint venture opportunities
  • Are more proactive in solving our business problems
  • Return our emails, phone calls, etc quickly

Simple steps we can take to be a better customer include:

  •  Pay our invoices on time
  • Be organised so that we do not demand work to be completed in unrealistic time frames
  • Think through briefs rather than quickly give a verbal brief 
  • Be collaborative
  • Admit our mistakes if we are wrong
  • Be proactive if a problem arises
  • Provide positive or constructive feedback
  • Be realistic in our expectations for the work to be done for the given budget
  • Provide a budget for projects
  • Be forgiving if  mistakes occasionally occur
  • Proactively provide referrals or testimonials
  • Respond promptly to their their emails, phone calls or sms messages

 So it now over to you to tell us what steps you take to ensure you are a great customer of other small businesses?


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