Are you Busy being Busy with your Small Business Marketing?

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“Drive thy business or it will drive thee.” By Benjamin Franklin

How often do you reply to the question, “How is business” with “I am sooo busy”.

If you gently probe a little more, busy being busy doesn’t actually mean more customers or more business from customers. It may just mean you are letting your business drive you and you are not in control.

Possible Symptoms

  • You spend more of your day, reading but not commenting on blogs, following others on twitter and not participating, reading Google alerts and not taking some action
  • You talk to your customers and do not make notes about the conversations to understand their needs better
  • You start a project and then get side tracked by something more interesting so you get behind schedule
  • You rewrite a proposal or final document or blog post 10 times just to get it perfect
  • You read every email when you hear the beep for you have a new message
  • You do not have a marketing plan and jump to use the latest and greatest marketing tools
  • You spend more time worry about what you should do next than actually doing anything

There are of course many other symptoms but the one thing you may notice at the end of each day is that you have not really done anything to strengthen your relationships with your current or potential key customers. This results in not increasing sales or profit for your business.

As small business marketing should not be a “one size fits all approach”, how you treat these causes can vary depending on the severity and length of time you have had them.

Possible Treatments

  • Be very clear on you want to achieve with your customers and marketing efforts even if it is for the next couple of months as a starting point
  • Set simple and realistic goals for your marketing tactic so you can track the results
  • Draw up a project timetable for your main projects eg. an email campaign so you are not always rushing at the last minute
  • Utilise software to automate and increase your effectiveness, such as using customer relationship software to record information from every communication with your customers to better understand needs
  • Don’t just copy others using every new marketing tactic or tool because you read you should do it unless it is going to strengthen your customer relationships and get results
  • Outsource activities that are not customer focussed

What treatments have you found useful to move your business along each day, strengthen your customer relationships and stopped you from being busy being busy.


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