How to Choose From the Marketing Tactic Smorgasbord

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There are so many small business marketing tactics to choose from that it can be a little overwhelming as to which ones are the best to implement.

Like an appetising smorgasbord the long list of available marketing tactics can look great, seem to be just the one to get your business a lift in sales and of course attract all those potential customers you desire.

However, life isn’t that simple and to help you select the right marketing tactics you might want to consider the following:

Marketing Objectives
Before you select your marketing tactics you need to decide what are the 2-3 key things you want your customers to do. For example, you may want your current customer to buy from you on a more regular basis for the rest of the year. This will mean that the marketing tactics you choose should be aimed at achieving this objective.

Marketing Strategy
The marketing strategy is the over game plan and describes what your business intends to do to achieve the objectives. If you take the marketing objective above, you may decide your overall marketing strategy is to focus on retaining your current customers. You then may decide that you are going to concentrate on the services or products you offer. In fact to achieve your marketing objective you might decide to launch a new product or service to your range.

You should also select communication as a key area of focus so that your customers can be made aware of your new product or service. It is a good idea at this stage to know how your customer like you to communicate with them as this will help in the selection of your marketing tactics.

Once you have made these decisions then choosing which marketing tactics to implement gets a lot easier. Remember before you actually choose your marketing tactics, decide how much time and money you are going to spend first.

Marketing Tactics
By going through the above your choice of marketing tactics has narrowed and you can select those that you know will help you get more of your current customers to buy from you more often. Examples of marketing tactics that fit include:

  • Email marketing campaign
  • Direct mail
  • Social media announcement
  • Announcement page on your website or blog
  • Special Newsletter
  • Sampling new product or service with the current range

 Don’t forget that when you implement the marketing tactics it is always a good idea to track the results. This is so you can see which marketing tactics achieved the best results and which ones need fine tuning.

How do you choose which marketing tactics to implement?
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