M4B Marketing Blog is based on the premise that everything in marketing has to do with your customer relationships. It will cover the marketing path (review – plan- implement – track) and contain tips, comments and insights that you can use in your small business today and in the future to develop and strengthen your customer relationships and grow your business.

It is also about learning from others, so I welcome all comments, suggestions and please add your tips so we can all share our knowledge.

About Susan Oakes
Marketing for Business Success Pty Ltd

Susan understands that to be great at marketing, means you need to continually gain knowledge, practice and fine tune your marketing skills. Her passion for marketing has now been turned into assisting small businesses around the world increase their marketing expertise, strengthen their customer relationships, share many laughs and of course achieve their goals.

Susan has over 20 years marketing experience including working as a Marketing Director with some of the world’s most successful companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Thomas Cook, Reckitt Benckiser and Pfizer. Knowing how important effective marketing is to the success of small businesses she and her business partner Bronwen Ryan commenced Marketing for Business Success in 2005 and developed M4B Marketing Software.  With M4B Marketing Software together with the tools, tips and support we provide, small business marketers are discovering the joys of marketing for their own business success.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Marketing from the University of New South Wales Australia.


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